Customized Hip Implant Design Optimization Service (CHIDOS)

Project CHIDOS is the development of an automated patient-specific hip implant design and optimization system for 3D virtual planning and simulation of Total Hip Artroplasty (THA). The system allows ortopedic surgeons to define a patient-specific hip implant from a patient’s 3D CAD models derived from CT DICOM images. The surgeon defines the impants parameters and the individualized design is automatically produced. The system also provides the capability to optimize the design through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and algorithmic optimization. The implants are 3D printed in Ti-6Al-4V and 316L Stainless Steel.

Project T.A.C.A. (Tactile Accessibility to Culture & the Arts)

Project T.A.C.A. (Tactile Accessibility to Culture and the Arts) aspires to revolutionize the relationship of blind people with culture and arts, through the replacement of visual interaction with the exhibits, with haptic interaction with a 3D-printed replica. Sensors incorporated into the replicas and a handset provided, will be activated as the visitor approaches the exhibit and play appropriate audio information, with the aim of creating a digital tour guide.